Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Long Haul

Geared up for Day 7 of no sugar today!! Feeling fantastic!!

FYI, I'll probably repeat myself in these posts because I can't remember if I've posted it or just told a friend in person, so just skip over anything you already know. ;)

I've noticed that since giving up sugar, I don't crave the other stuff. Other stuff, meaning: bread, fast food, salty food, etc. I didn't expect that to happen.

Here is my recent revelation (Although, it's been revealed to me before. This time, however, I'm choosing to say it out loud and write it here to my zero readers so it will hopefully make a lasting impression on me.). Here it is:

I cannot eat sugar.

Okay, so obviously I've said that before. But I need to further explain (to myself) that I cannot just have "that one piece of Halloween candy" this year. I cannot just have "that one piece of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving." I cannot just have "that one Christmas cookie" (let alone participate in a cookie exchange this year!). I cannot just have "that one piece of birthday cake." Get it? Do you get it, Kari?? I got it.

It was hard to say this aloud to my husband the other night. It's like it made it real and that I have to be done with my addiction now. I like sugar. I like the taste of things with sugar in them. However, I hate how these things make me feel, act and look.

Therefore, I have to be in this for the long haul. I am in this for the long haul. There. I said it. If I reach for as much as a little chocolate chip, I know I'm going to spiral.

Fair warning. Don't do it, Kari!!!

Okay, I'll stop talking to myself now.

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Annalisa201 said...

TOTALLY AGREE! I cannot have just "one" of anything - desserts, chocolates, and especially CHIPS! I LOVE ruffles salty potato chips, but I'll eat the whole jumbo size bag when my intention was to only have one. That taste lingers and is way too irresistible. Not cool! A few tips: Let yourself have some occasionally, but plan it. Say "Next Sunday I'll have one slice of cake." Now, here's the important part: wait until your family eats all but ONE slice. Then there's no option of going back for seconds! That's the only way I can let myself have anything like that. Chocolate especially too! I cannot let it past my lips unless there's only a bite or two in the area. I can now trust myself not to go out and buy more. It's only dangerous if it's in my kitchen. Or on the table at a friends place. As long as I don't taste it in the first place, I'm safe. Even a crumb, & it's lost. Anyway, just giving you hope - you don't have to say "no, not ever never ever again." Just no for now, until you get it under control. Another tip: Brush your teeth if you're in danger of a binge, or even in the middle of one. Force yourself to your toothbrush. Hope this helps! All the best!!!