Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 5

So I'm heading into day 5 (July 31) of no sugar.

I. Feel. Awesome.

I don't even know what else to say. I just feel so energetic, hopeful, happy, etc, etc, etc!!

I did eat a protein bar yesterday that contained some sugar. Some may say, "Well, then you're not sugar free!" It is what it is. This is my journey, and I'm going to listen to my body and do my best to do what's best for it.

I have a phrase I've been using, and that is "blatant sugar." My dictionary defines 'blatant" as: "completely obvious, especially in a crass, offensive manner." Ha! I love it. Sugar is extremely offensive to me! My body is constantly on the defense when I'm ingesting loads of blatant sugar.

In my little mind, my definition of blatant sugar is sugar includes foods like cake, ice cream, candy bars, candy, etc. Those are the types of foods that have me coming back for more and more and more, and those are the types of foods I am avoiding. A protein bar that has a little bit of sugar doesn't make me want more. For someone else, however, it may, so everyone has to know their own body well in order to make that decision.

Some observations thus far:

1. My craving for sugar is so little, if even there at all. My family went out for ice cream last night, and I had NO desire! Nada.

2. My cravings for other foods are diminished. I don't crave breads as much. I don't crave fast food.

3. My stomach has shrunk! It's not flat by ANY means, but I felt a noticable difference this morning while laying in bed. Then I measured, and I've lost a couple inches already. I'm sure it's water retention/bloating. Whatever it was, it's gone, and I'll take it!

Loving this journey so far.

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