Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dressing Modestly (Your thoughts, please)

I've been away from my blog for a month. . .wow! We've moved to a new home and had some life-threatening health scares in the family over the last month, so I've been away from my blog friends. :(

Okay, to the topic at hand. I am a big proponent of modest clothing. I'm not talking turtlenecks that go up to your chin and baggy pants or skirts that go down to your toes (although there is certainly nothing wrong with either of those!). I'm simply talking about dressing in a way that doesn't cause our brothers in Christ to stumble.

I have wonderful Christian friends who disagree with me on this. They argue that in order to stay with the trends, skin has to show. . .including much cleavage. It's just today's fashion, they explain. I see women at church in clothes that I am stunned they would even think to wear at church, let alone anywhere else. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming that they don't understand how this affects the men in our church who are trying to focus on God and the message of our pastor.

I am looking for any resources that back up my position on this. A male friend of my husband and me is looking to speak to a group of men and women about this very subject. He feels comfortable speaking to the men but is not sure how to address the women. He wants to be bold, to the point, but not judgmental.

Has anyone read any books or seen video clips from Christians on this topic? I have Googled Beth Moore and this topic because I thought in one of her books I read something like this. And I know of one Bible verse that addresses this topic, so any more would be welcome, of course!

If you have ANY resources you can recommend to me, I would surely appreciate it.

I am not looking to defend my position on this topic in this particular post. I'm sure not everyone agrees with me, and that is, of course, perfectly fine. And if you feel led, you may leave me a comment stating your position. Just don't expect me to debate on the topic. That's a whole other show, folks. ;)

Thank you in advance!!


He And Me + 3 said...

I agree...we should be modestly dressed. Causing noone to stumble with our actions...word or deed.

Cricket said...

I agree that modesty is a must...I also think that God will condemn a person of their dress if need be. I still ware shorts, tanks, v-necks...but modestly, until God condemns me. It's all in that scripture to work out your own salvation with FEAR AND TREMBLING.

Yolanda said...

I totally agree! Esther, It's Tough Being A Woman, by Beth Moore; she address' this in one of the first 3 sessions, I just don't remember which one.


Melissa said...

I agree with your views especially when it comes to dress in church, schools, and that would be pretty much any where huh?!!! This is another thing that we have become desensitized with...swaring on tv, porn on tv, porn on the internet and even cell phones! Men have it difficult when it is everywhere you look...that is why we no longer allow the tv on ~ we only watch videos that I know are safe for the kids to watch. I have spoken my opinion to a few women I have come across while with my son...of course not in front of him, but I have made them think. Woman should not look like they are dancing the night away or bellied up to the bar when they are in church or schools. Now Walmart is a different story! I have heard Shaunti Feldhahn on Dr.Dobson afew times you might want to check into some of her books. Good luck with that...Melissa

Daughter of the King said...

Thank you for the responses, ladies. And thank you for the ideas about where to take my search.

Melissa, you mentioned porn on cell phones. I would not have known what you were talking about three weeks ago, but I recieved a pornographic picture on my cell phone from a number I didn't recognize. A friend told me to contact my carrier because it is illegal to send such unsolicited filth. Ugh. It just made my stomach sink when I got that.

Anyway, I will be praying for our friends and others, that they would be open to God's direction in this area instead of the pressures of our society.

Thank you all, and God bless you this week!!

Latte Lady said...

Hello! I would like you to know that I received a Creative Blog Award and am passing it on to you!!

You can pick it up here:

I really enjoy your blog!


Anonymous said...

I am a new reader here. Are you still searching for comments? I have many opinions here. I am late for church. Let me know.

Daughter of the King said...

Hi, Anonymous! Yes, I am still looking for comments. Our friend will be speaking about this on this coming Sunday. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much!

Jensmere said...

Thanks for this post, Dana! I have really been shocked lately at the 'bareness' of some of the women at my church. Even if it is fashionable...that doesn't make it Christ-honoring!

Bless you for your stand,

Rhonda said...

I'm thrilled for you both addressing this issue. Our pastor has addressed it on occasion. I totally agree with you!! It is sad the way women dress. Some women I think are just clueless in what it does to a man. Other women don't care...they want that attention!

One should save the sexy clothes for their own husband in the bedroom!

You can be fashionable and look great without showing cleavage or wearing short skirts!!

See, I told you I am pretty passionate about that issue too!